A Lakewood Sustainable Neighborhood

Sustainable Eiber is an all-volunteer group focused bringing neighbors together to make the Eiber Neighborhood (‘Eiberhood’) a more sustainable and resilient place to live.

Our History

Eiber was one of two neighborhoods (along with Belmar) that kicked off the Sustainable Neighborhoods program in 2012. The idea was developed by the Sustainability Division of the City of Lakewood as a way to empower residents to run with their own ideas of how to make their neighborhood ‘greener.’ Since those humble beginnings, the program has won national awards and been adopted by other municipalities such as the City of Denver, Fort Collins, and Wheat Ridge. Eiber is proud to have been in on the ‘ground floor’ and still going strong.

Our Mission

Sustainable Neighborhoods 5 goal areas

Sustainable Eiber is an all-volunteer group of neighbors that coordinates and supports projects and initiatives such as these that help make ‘Eiberhood’ a more sustainable and resilient place to live. Efforts fall under 5 goals:

People: Enhance the social vitality of the neighborhood by encouraging community interaction, partnerships, and outreach programs.

Land: Encourage stewardship and conservation of ecosystems and resources.

Air: Reduce emissions generated in the neighborhood and improve both outdoor and indoor air quality.

Water: Conserve water resources and improve water quality.

Energy: Promote energy conservation and the use of renewable energy sources throughout the neighborhood.

Who Can Get Involved?

Anyone and everyone! Whether you just want to meet your neighbors or you’d like to spearhead a neighborhood project, we hope you’ll join us. There’s never a cost to participate. Opportunities to get involved range from attending social and educational events, to joining current project teams, to suggesting and leading your own activities. Learn more about current programs and activities and opportunities to get involved.