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There’s always something going on with Sustainable Eiber, all year-round. Check out the links below to learn more and for many ways to get involved. Join us!

annual, Ongoing & one-Time Activities

Sustainable Eiber supports a wide range of projects and programs throughout the year.  Some happen on an annual basis, while others are ongoing or sometimes one-time efforts. From annual garden tours to monthly trash cleanup gatherings, we invite you to check out the links below for some of our regular projects and programs. All of our activities fall under one or more of the City of Lakewood’s Sustainability goal areas: Air, Land, Water, Energy, People.

We hope you will join your neighbors at an upcoming event. We also invite you to get more involved – as a volunteer, on the leadership committee, by leading your own effort or project, or any way you desire.

Eiber Community Garden

Sustainable Gardening

The Eiber neighborhood has a long agricultural history, with many of its lots carved from former farms and orchards. Today, gardening is a popular hobby among Eiber residents, many of whom follow various sustainable practices. Here are a few of Sustainable Eiber’s current sustainable gardening programs and projects.

Helping Neighbors

Part of keeping Eiber sustainable and resilient is helping those in need. Below are several ways we make sure our neighbors are happy and healthy.

Reducing Reusing Recycling

We can all do our part to help keep unnecessary stuff out of our landfills, not only through reducing, reusing, and recycling, but also refusing, repurposing, repairing, and rotting! Here are a few current activities:

Caring for Our Resources

From protecting wildlife and watersheds, to keeping the neighborhood clean, here are a few ways to make a difference:

Sustainable Eiber Garden Workshop

Learning Opportunities

Looking to learn more about a specific topic, or build your sustainability knowledge, check these out: 

Your ideas & Projects!

Have a sustainability project or idea you’d like to pursue? Let us know! We can connect you with others with the same interests and help you see your idea through to action. 

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