Options for composting in the Eiber neighborhood

Why compost?

Organic materials like leaves, branches, grass clippings and food scraps make up more than 50% of what Lakewood residents send to the landfill each year. Rather than trashing these valuable materials, compost them instead! Composting, which is the managed breakdown of organic materials into a soil amendment known as compost, not only keeps organic materials out of the landfill, but also enables resources to be utilized locally to improve the health of soil and plants!

composting in Eiber

Composting in Eiber

From backyard composting to commercial services that pick-up for a fee, there are many ways to get involved in composting and to learn more!

Pick-up services (fee-based)

Two commercial compost pick-up services serve the Eiber neighborhood: Compost Colorado and Scraps. Both companies offer members compost dividends so members can get finished compost at certain times throughout the year.

Compost Colorado: Offers curbside pick-up once per week and residential pick-up plans start at $33/month (drop-off membership is $18/mo). They bring a container for food and other compostable scraps and swap it with a new container every week. Compost Colorado membership can also include access to their zero waste store.

Scraps: Offers pick-up once per week ($28/month) or members can drop-off 24/7 ($17/month). 

Where can I learn more?

Read/download a guide to backyard composting (from Denver Urban Gardens)

Take a free backyard composting class through Denver Urban Gardens

Sign up for email updates to hear about upcoming compost workshops right here in Eiber

Check out the composting operation at the Eiber School Community Garden