Eiber Community Gardens

2 community gardens in our neighborhood!

The The Eiber neighborhood is fortunate enough to have 2 community gardens within our boundaries. 

Eiber Community Garden 

Located on the grounds of Eiber Elementary School, 1385 Independence Street, Lakewood Colorado. 

Open to all residents, the garden is one of many community gardens along the front-range supported by Denver Urban Gardens, in partnership with Sustainable Eiber and the Jefferson County School District. After 2 years of planning and development, the garden first opened for planting and harvesting in 2013.

New gardeners receive training from an experienced and trained cadre of garden leaders, the garden provides free community workshops, supports local food banks, and provides free plots and seeds for low income families and fixed income seniors. 

Ways to get involved:

  • Apply for a garden plot (as a school-based garden, background check is required for new gardeners – completed on line for a $7 fee)
  • Volunteer in the garden – no plot needed (some tasks are one-time while others continue through the season such as chipper/shredder operator, donation plot caretaker, grant writer, membership person, raspberry bed installer, rock painter, tool caretaker, treasurer, work day coordinator, etc.)
  • Help with the Eiber Elementary school gardening club (Eiber Elementary is a low income school and for many children, the garden is their first experience in planting a seed or picking a vegetable)

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, contact garden leader, Penny Kunter, at eiberschoolcommunitygarden@dug.org

Sustainable Eiber Workshop

Community Garden at Lakewood United Methodist Church

As of May 2022, we also have a new community garden on the grounds of Lakewood United Methodist Church at 14th and Brentwood.

The garden features raised garden beds made from recycled, food safe IBC totes and utilizes an automatic wicking system to conserve water.

The garden’s purpose is to cultivate individual growth and neighborhood unity through community gardening and gardening education. The Lakewood UMC (LUMC) Garden Steering Committee is responsible for administering its Community Gardening Program and assigning available plots to each gardener. LUMC will provide tools, technical assistance, and skills training when possible. 

If you are interested in a plot or getting involved, contact garden leader Lori Schneider at lori@lumc.net.