Food Waste Program

Help reduce food waste in our neighborhood!

Did you know that in France it is illegal for grocery stores to throw food away? They must provide it to a food bank, farm for animal feed, or composting facility. Do you hate to see food wasted? 

Sustainable Eiber has been collaborating with The Action Center for several years to ‘rescue’ food that they would otherwise throw out. 

The Action Center

While the Action Center receives food donations primarily for human consumption, sometimes they receive excess that they do not have the room to store. These items are perfect for animal feed or composting!

Four days / week (Mon, Tues , Thurs, Fri) this food is placed in buckets and milkcrates next to the dumpster located between the two Action Center buildings on the northeast corner of Estes and W. 14th Ave. (8745 W. 14th Ave, Lakewood 80215).

It is free so take whatever you can use! The best time to do your pickup is between noon and 4pm. After 4pm each day volunteers from Sustainable Eiber and Sustainable Morse Park transfer anything that is not picked up to the dumpsters.


We also have passionate neighbors who rescue extra food from going in the dumpster at Mean Street Ministry, another Eiber neighborhood organization that helps neighbors in need. Mean Street serves people in need through a food bank, a cafe serving home-cooked meals, showers, and more.

To help with any of these efforts or to bring your own ideas forward, send an email to