Helping Neighbors

Being there for others in need

We believe a sustainable neighborhood is one where everyone has the opportunity to live a  happy, healthy, and rewarding life. When we see others in need of assistance, we reach out and help. Our Eiber community is full of caring, compassionate people and Sustainable Eiber works to bring people together and provide opportunities to give back to our neighbors in need. Below are a few ways you can help.

Sustainable Eiber School Support

Eiber Elementary School Supply Drives

Sustainable Eiber regularly organizes supply drives to support Eiber Elementary students from low income families. In 2020, the response was amazing! Here’s how you’ve helped:

  • Nearly $500 in contributions used to purchase school supplies, backpacks, and headphone sets
  • $300 in contribution used to purchase 50 headphone sets for both in-school and at-home learning
  • Contributions to purchase 40 watercolor paint sets
  • 60 face masks donated for Eiber Elementary staff
  • Large donation of tissues
  • Donations of Halloween candy for socially distanced holiday celebration for students

Supplies such as sanitizing wipes, tissues, and paper towels are always needed. If you are interested in contributing or helping with a future drive, please email Susan Ramsey for more details.

Eiber Elementary School Volunteer Literacy Program

Eiber Elementary School is our neighborhood school. Nearly 90% of its children are on federally assisted lunch programs, an indicator of poverty. There is a high mobility rate at the school and over 10% of the children attending the school are classified as homeless. 

In an effort to break this cycle of poverty, Eiber neighborhood residents, in partnership with USDA employees, reach out to these children and read with them once a week. This volunteer reading program takes only a small time commitment, but what it returns is priceless – an opportunity to help a child reach academic success. Daily reading is the key to academic success.

The volunteer reading program benefits the adult volunteers as well as the children. Many adults form friendships with their reading buddy and read with the child year after year. It is a rewarding and fun volunteer job. Learn how you can help support this neighborhood school and these wonderful children. For information, email Lois Witte or call 303-358-4910.

Please note: This program is temporarily on hold due to COVID-19, however we hope to resume these activities as soon as it is safe to do so again.