Learning Opportunities

Learn more about sustainability topics, share your knowledge, and get to know your neighbors!

The Eiber neighborhood is FULL of all sorts of interesting people and businesses who know a thing or two about sustainability topics. From how to make your yard welcoming to pollinators and birds to which native plants are good in a xeriscape garden, Sustainable Eiber works to connect neighbors with opportunities like these to learn and share with one another. Workshops and the Resilience Circle are a few ways you can get involved. 

Sustainable Eiber neighbors

Resilience Circle

Getting to know your neighbors is not always easy. But when it involves a casual potluck supper and an informative speaker on an interesting topic, friendships start to spring up. Monthly Resilience Circle meetings take place in a neighbor’s home or occasionally a local businesses and present information about sustainability related topics such as how to avoid pesticides in your yard, energy efficiency, considering if goats or chickens are right for you, designing a wildlife friendly garden, and so on.

The aim is creating community and sometimes a community project.

Due to COVID-19, Resilience Circle events are on hold or may be held virtually. Watch our Facebook page or website calendar for future events, as we hope to be able to start hosting them again soon once safe. 

Have an idea for a topic or would you like to host a future Resilience Circle event? Send us an email at SustainableEiber@gmail.com


Watch the Sustainable Eiber Facebook page or the website calendar for various workshops throughout the year – both virtual and in person (safely, of course). Examples of recent workshops include:

  • Protecting Pollinators
  • Putting Your Garden to Bed for the Winter
  • Reducing Your Chemical Footprint

Do you have a topic you would like to learn about, or knowledge you would like to share with others? Let us know at SustainableEiber@gmail.com